Hello there, and welcome to my blog! I’m a college student coming from the California State University. I decided to start a blog since many of my colleagues often ask me questions about how I manage to work and study at the same time. The answer is quite simple in fact – I manage my time in a smart way. However, it does go further than that, and we will talk about topics related to college and the different facets of student lifestyle.

My job here is to share important tips and opinions about health, homework and related life hacks. These three subjects are what come to mind whenever I talk about college life with some of my friends and family members.

Of course, my family is always worried about my health and whether or not I eat well, exercise and get good rest in between classes. I admit I have my fair share of sleepless nights and endless working hours whenever a project is due or I have to prepare an important exam. This experience has made me to believe I am capable of passing down some actionable tips to fellow students about how to work more effectively and still maintain your health.

We will cover the topic of college homework extensively, and whether or not multitasking actually works (hint – it doesn’t). Homework is an essential part of studying, meaning that most of your work will actually be done outside of college.

Life hacks are also an important part of college life since most of us life outside of our parents’ houses and have settled down in dorms or apartments closer to the campus. Life hacks that we will talk about concern students’ lifestyle, habits and whether or not some of them should be rooted out once the semester gets underway.

That about covers what I have in mind for the blog going forward. There will be some changes to the formula of course, but keep in mind that I’m a student who speaks from experience and not just someone who writes a blog for the sake of writing. I hope you find what you are looking for here and I’d appreciate it if you brought more people to the site if you like what you see here.