How to Save Money on Your Student Food Shop


Having to rely on your limited student budget for basic living needs can be tough. Food can be an expensive part of your monthly spending, meaning that you should pay close attention to what you buy. How can you save some money on a student’s pocket while still being okay with the food you have around the house?

Plan your basket

Going to the supermarket with a predetermined list of groceries will ensure that you buy only the things you actually need. It will be tough dealing with the sweets and snacks sections the first several times but you will get used to planned shopping – and your wallet will reflect that.

Look for discounts

There is no denying that you can save huge amounts of money by buying discounted products. These products are usually closing in on their expiration dates or are a part of a promo deal. Use the opportunity to stock up on cheaper products and manage your budget a bit better in doing so.

Settle for local brands

Buying imported or popular brands can be expensive, especially if you are a student on a budget. Try searching for local brands made in your country/municipality since these goods are usually much cheaper. You need healthy, reliable food products as a college student, not fancy expensive brands.

Avoid finger food

Avoiding snacks will not only help you save money buy also help you maintain your fitness. Snacks and sweets are usually full of sugars and fats you don’t really need as someone who studies and works throughout the day. Settle for fresh vegetables, home-made chips and alternatives such as humus dip or fruits.

Eat at home

It can be difficult to start cooking by yourself and actually make it right from the get go. You should start by cooking simple foods such as pasta or rice and move up to things that you like eating. Making your own food and packaging it for a day at college is much cheaper than eating outside – not to mention it’s also healthier.

It’s easy to get carried away and buy something you shouldn’t have. You should definitely treat yourself to something you like as a reward for good productivity, successful college project, etc.

However, you should also keep in mind that the money you save can be used elsewhere, and these expenses are just as important as eating properly. Balance your budget and keep tabs on how much you have saved up – you will start noticing a change in your savings quite soon.