10 Perfect College Theme Party Ideas

college party

A theme can elevate your party and make it seem so much more than just a boring gathering. A great theme party can make it truly unforgettable!

If you’re looking for some great party theme ideas that will make your party a night to remember, here are some of the best ones to choose from.

Black Light

Black light bulbs are very easy to find at any hardware store and they are bound to leave everyone talking about how creative you are. Ask your guests to arrive in white shirts that they don’t mind getting ruined and ask them to write on each other using highlighters. Turn the black lights on and let everyone see each other’s masterpieces!

Angels and Devils

This is a very easy party to organize and host. All you need to do is have your guests dress up as Angels and Devils in white, red and black colors. You can add some simple decorations around the house using the same colors and everything will blend in together well.

Ugly Sweater

Everyone loves an ugly sweater! Whether it’s Christmas time or not, ask your friends to wear the ugliest sweaters they own and come to the party. Don’t forget to host an “ugliest sweater” competition and see who wins!

A Classic TV Show

Dressing up as character from a classic TV show can be a lot of fun. You should pick a show with not many leading characters or pick only a few that your guests have to choose from. This will offer your guests a challenge while they try coming up with the best costume for their character!

One of the Four Seasons

Autumn, Winter, Spring or Summer? Your guests will arrive either wrapped in sweaters and winter boots or in their bikinis! You can have all sorts of decorations around the house like autumn leaves, inflatable animals and flower crowns. Giving your friends the opportunity to choose which season they will show up as, will definitely be a very fun experience.

Black and White

A black and white party can really be a nice change to all other themed parties. The rules are simple; you can only wear black and white clothes. Make it a bit more fun and challenging by asking your guests to show up like characters from old black and white movies and get ready for a dive in the past.

Animal Theme

This is probably one of the most fun party ideas that everyone always enjoys. There are no limits here and your friends can experiment as much as they like with choosing different costumes. The best thing about this party is that you will be able to play the “In the jungle the mighty jungle” song as many times as you like!

Cross Dress

This will be a very fun party idea for both guys and girls. Your female friends will be able to wear loose, baggy clothing and be comfortable all night long and your male friends will have to show up in high heels, tight clothes and a full face of makeup!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter parties are usually very successful. There are many characters to choose from and there are also many activities to do. You can let your imagination free and make all sorts of decorations, from sorting hats to cupcakes decorated with the emblems or colors of the houses. Have a glass of butter beer and bring out the wizard hidden inside you!

Anything But Clothes

We saved the last for best! This is one of these party theme ideas that most people will remember for a long time! The rules are simple; your friends can dress up however they like as long as they are not wearing any actual clothes. Put your plastic bags to use and be sure to accessorize with things from around the house!

Have fun

Themed college parties are truly the perfect place to enjoy Halloween without it actually being the season. There are so many ideas for you to choose from and you can simply experiment with many and see what your friends enjoyed the most.

Even if you’re not the best at planning a party, don’t worry too much about it. As long as there is alcohol and a good mood, every theme you choose will definitely be a success!